Sunday, May 10, 2015

This was such a funny day. Probably one I will remember for quite a while. As you may all have guessed by now. I like to dress with a vintage style in mind. Whether that be authentic vintage clothing, or reproduction. Which often leaves me looking very out of place, and overdressed. I won't lie, I do tend to get a lot of stares and it can always be a little off putting. As I tend to assume they are negative, when in fact (most of the time) they aren't. On that day I got eyes following me whenever I went, to the point where I just wanted to hide behind my mum, haha! I think a lot of the time one might assume, because I do dress so confidently, that I am in fact a little attention seeking. Well, let me tell you. I'm one of the shyest people around! I dress for me and because I admire the vintage style. I tend to forget that I'm dressed differently to others, until I walk out of the door and make someone turn their head. 

My mum and I headed down to the sea front (to the dock) to get a few snaps of my cheesy smiles. But there's a funny story that preceded this little photo shoot!
 We had gone into one shop, and on our way out, there was an elderly man and two women. One of the woman held the door open, so we could squeeze by and leave. Whilst passing them, I heard the man whisper to the other woman about how lovely I looked. (I sadly can't remember exactly what he said) As we walked on past the shop, I told my mum as she had never heard him and I then giggled to myself at the fact someone had said something nice about my outfit. We continued on to a few more shops and as we were coming out of another shop. The man and two women were outside on the pavement. The man approached me and told me that he had seen had passed me a few times today and every time he was amazed by my style. He asked if I dressed like this normally or only today. I replied telling him I dress like this normally, as I do. He then said, if it wouldn't embarrass me, would it be okay if he took a picture of me. By this point I was so touched and overwhelmed. I, of course said yes! Where did he want me to stand! I posed for one picture, he complimented me, then he thanked me, and continued down the road. For the rest of the day I was on a high, with flushed cheeks and a smile that wouldn't fade!

Even here I gain an audience, which piled on the pressure to perfect my posing. My mum thinks she even seen the man again in the small crowd. I'm sadden I never got a photo with him as a nice keep sake. For the man that brightened my day and encouraged me to wear this suit more often. 

(All images unedited. Everything you see pictured - except me - is vintage.)

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  1. Absolutely adore this look! No wonder you turned so many heads.

  2. This is a beautiful look and the pictures came out so nice. What a lovely and cute story, you made someone's day! :)