Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This will be my third time at Judy's Vintage Fair in Edinburgh. I've come along way, in terms of my vintage identity since my first visit. Not only have I improved my wardrobe, but also my make up and hair styling skills. Even though my shyness is still holding me back a little, I feel a lot more unafraid to be over dressed and embrace my vintage style on a daily basis. A vintage fair is such a perfect place to be over dressed and wear your favourite outfit from your wardrobe.

This says "Bloggers Aloud" right?

What I bought from Goodbye, Norma Jean:

Fantouche Vintage

What I bought from Fantouche Vintage:
What I bought from Gladrags:
Issy May Vintage
Sadly my camera ran out of battery so I unfortunately couldn't get any pictures of this beautiful stall. Which not only do I feel terrible about, but I also feel silly for not checking my battery and charging it the night before. So you'll just have to believe me when I say - it was a gorgeous stall, which such a lovely owner.
What I bought from Issy May Vintage:

What the items look like on
Sometimes simply taking a picture of a item doesn't do it justice, so I thought I would take some silly pictures of them on. That way you get a good feel for the construction and shape.

1960's Black lace Torsolette (That gives a great defined waist) - £12
White lace, circle stitch Bullet Bra (This is by far my favourite thing I bought, it fits my small 30D's perfectly!) - £15
Jantzen green bathing suit (which needs a little altering) - £40
Two pairs of Black fully fashioned stockings, Cuban and Point heel (I love ff stockings, but I have a tendency to ladder them. I laddered one pair whilst putting them on, but got out my clear nail varnish before it got any worse!) - £2.50 each
Yellow straw summer hat (My staple summer hat, I hope.) - £5
Vintage 'Salmon' coloured dress (I'm unsure of the age or decade. It also has some bad stains. But when I tried it on I really like the style and length. With a reduced price - due to defects - I thought I would buy it and give it a good home.) - £12

I never managed to take any pictures of myself, but luckily I had quite a few others to do that for me! The photographs seem to be a rippling effect. Once one person asked, others were more confident to ask me. So I ended up being asked several times throughout the day. I was baffled, but ever so flattered too. I thought it would be a nice idea to share a few snaps of me. Sadly there were one or two, that I didn't catch their names of. So I have only been able to track down a few images.

{Images 1-4 taken by Mike Stewart of Gladrags / Image 5 taken by Goodbye Norma Jean / Image 6 taken by the lovely Emily, one of Judy's Vintage Fair staff}
Thank you very much for reading!
Be sure to head on over to Judy's Vintage Fair to find out when the nearest fair is on in your area.

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