Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sunday was suppose to be a day full of photos. A Classic Car Show was happening, a mere half an hour from me. I had prepared myself, cleared my diary, and charged my camera to give my full attention to getting brilliant photos to share. As a girl with Chronic Fatigue (see this post for more info) I don't tend to get out very much, and so I had been looking forward to, and planning my outing for about two weeks. Even though I had carefully been watching the weather forecast all week, and knew it sadly wasn't looking good. I was still so disappointed when it down poured, and it became apparent that the idea of photos were out the window! My mother and I decided we would look into a charity shop (that sells strictly vintage items) in the local town, and hoped the rain may die down in time. I very luckily came away with two beautiful 'skull caps' hats, one that I would have never even noticed, if it wasn't for the very helpful and lovely shop assistant. Who was - along with the other lady working there - ever so complimentary of my style. The style of hats, is not one I would immediately go for. But after trying them both on, they seemed to work well with the way I style my hair, and so I was happy to give them a try. Delighted with my unusual buys, the literal damper on our day was slightly relived. 
As the rain was still battering down on the car, we decided to visit my brother, sister-in-law (to be) and my 6 month old niece. As soon as we arrived the weather had cleared and had turned into a beautiful day. After a few hours with our family, and after a quick visit to the supermarket (Where I was yet again complimented by another lovely lady. After many stares and whispers from others who passed by. Who stopped to tell me I was "gorgeous" and that I looked "like a film star"!) we headed back toward home, by this time the weather is a bit cloudy again, but no rain unlike before! My mum suggested we went back down to where the Car Show was held and see if there were any cars left. I was sure there wouldn't be, as it had been four hours since it had begun. Much to my surprise, there was and we were able to get a few photos after all! My curls had fallen out a little bit, my make up not looking the best, and my mum not being the best photographer in the world. We proceeded in the best way we could.

I wish the man photographing me touching up my lipstick here, had approached me. As I would've love to have him email me his photographs, but I unfortunately had no idea he was even there at the time.

Blurred, but I do love this photo (and car!)

This man asked if he could get a picture. I said of course. After the picture was taken, he admitted he didn't own the car behind. He just wanted a picture with me. I need to learn a thing or two from him! That cheekiness of asking, got him in a few pictures with me, and on my blog. So it goes to show: if you don't ask, you don't get! 

We asked Gavin if he had a vintage car, and he ever so kindly took us to see his 1950s Morris Oxford. Which he happily allowed us to get pictures in. I feel so awful at the fact I can't tell you the exact year, and lots of details about the car. All I can say is, it was beautiful, had gorgeous (newly fitted) red upholstery and I felt very lucky to be getting the chance to sit in it.

I do hope you took my business card seriously and are now looking at this, Gavin. As I would love to get more pictures of your car! If you wouldn't mind, please do get in touch! My email address is on the card I gave you. (If you dress in a more old fashioned way next time, we can get more pictures together too.)

I am a sucker for suicide doors, as that smile on my face shows!

On the way home we stopped off at this gorgeous church, that I'm always longing looking at out of the car window, every time we pass it. We got a few quick photos. My mum even got me peering into my vintage compact, touching up my make up.
So Sunday turned into a very lovely day. Both in terms of weather and how I spent it. 
I hope this 1940's suit will get many more outings, and that I will get the chance to wear 
my other brown hat very soon.

Thank you very much for reading ..and Gavin, do get in touch!

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