Saturday, May 23, 2015

I'm beginning to learn, since the horrible rainy day last Sunday. To refer to the weather forecast, and aim to go out on the best day. I luckily live only a few minutes away from the beautiful Drummond Gardens. So what better place to take photos on a lovely day, than here!
I will warn you now, this is going to be a photo heavy post. It was only me and my tripod, so I tried my best to take as many pictures as possible. Even though I often had a audience, that I had to pretend not to notice and carry on posing. Very embarrassing!

I'm wearing my first ever vintage purchase. A 1950s silk dress that I bought from the lovely Doreen of Gladrags.

You can see all the stuff I had to carry around on my own, in the background. I had to pick everything up to move to the next spot, then set it all down again. I ended up scratching my wrist really badly from the weight and awkwardness of it all. Ouch!

The lovely lady who worked there told me there was a greenhouse at the bottom of the Gardens, through the archway in the long hedge. I thought I would pay it a visit, even though I wasn't really sure if I was suppose to go inside or not. But I did and nearly sweated to death, whilst getting a few quick snaps in the intense humidity.

I'm afraid most of the things I buy, tend to be picked up along the way.
Mostly from charity shops or carboot sales. 
Hat; Bought from eBay // Sunglasses; Bought from eBay
Vintage Glasses Frames; Bought from eBay.
Ring; Charity Shop // Cream Bangle; Carboot (for 30p!!)
Parasol; Carboot // Heels; Charity Shop
Tortoiseshell effect double hoop earring; Bow and Crossbones.

Thank you so much for looking! Hopefully this will be one of many outside self photo sessions. 
{All photos taken by me, and all unretouched.}

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