Sunday, April 15, 2018

When looking for places to visit online before we flew out to Prague. We seen the words "Sex Machines" and were immeditaly intriudged. So when passing by the muesums doors, we knew we had to venture inside. I have already shared quite a few images on instagram (mainly on my story) But as I have so many images to share, I hope it would prove to be of interest to a few out there.

Disclaimer: images of nudity, and items of a sexual nature to follow (duh!)
I was skeptical if any of these pieces had actually been worn or owned by sex workers. But the thought was pretty cool. I especailly fell in love with the mustard coloured riding corset.
Just a few of the images on the walls, going up the staircases.
I think this is probably fairly self explanitory...
"Electric massagers"
I found this "magic box" to be parituclarly interesting!
Violet wands, aka electro mechanical glass electrodes.
What? You don't have a cagoulie nightie?! Such sinful people.
Don't you know God wants it like this!
Apparently these shoes had the sentence "follow my steps" engraved on the soles, so that they could leave an imprint on the ground.

I mean...
"Trot, Canter & Gallop"
These look seriously terrifying.. but effective too I bet.
 As a fan of vintage lingerie I was really intriugued by this.
I've never seen anything quite like this before.
It was the name that got me. Thanks Ukraine.
This was next to a bigger scale model, in which actually had them mechanically move to preform sex acts. Unfortunately, that was blocked by other visitors so I never got any images of it.
The ulimate bullet bra.
Creepily amazing.

This was only part of the three floored exhibit. There was so much more to see. Countless more sex toys, BDSM masks and other items, gential piercings displays, chastity belts, anti-masturbation appliance (oh yeah that one was particularly odd) and even a mini cinemas showcasing a veiwing of a 1920s spanish adult film. If you ever visit Prague, it's certainly a place for an entertaining afternoon!

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