Friday, November 17, 2017

It's often dangerous to go onto What Katie Did with the mere intention to browse. As - if you're anything like me - you end up with an online shopping basket full of vintage-inspired goodness! This time was no exception. I just went on to look at the different lingerie sets and came away with this gorgeous "Bizarre" set. It is fast becoming one of my most favourite lingerie sets so far! As you'll see I had some fun pairing it with other WKD items, I own. Including both corsets and fully fashioned stockings. You could say I'm ever so slightly hooked!

The first thing I noticed about the set, is that it has very clear vintage replication in mind. Unlike other designs that are inspired by, or modern takes on vintage designs. This felt like something plucked straight out of the past. Especially so when it comes to the girdle.

When it comes to the corsets I own. It's a challenge for me to pick between the "Baby" (seen above) and the "Vamp" (seen below) For example. The "Baby" is a great clincher, the shorter waspie style means it's ideal for focusing solely on really nipping in that waist. Whereas the "Vamp" - being slightly more restrictive from being longer - focuses on smoothing your entire figure for a cleaner silhouette.

It's not often that I stray from high waisted, full briefs, granny pants goodness. I'm not ashamed to say I wear big pants, and I'm proud! But surprisingly, I found this style to be the best of both worlds. Neither a thong or a full brief. Often I can find styles like this awkward, as they're cut so straight and low. They end up sitting right below my hip bones and look (and feel) so unflatteringly. Yet lo and behold! I managed to wear these high above my hip bones and also have a beautiful coverage of my derriere.

All items - except the veiled hat, and sheer gloves; which are vintage - are by What Katie Did. Details of which are linked below!

Baby corset / Velvet Vamp corset* 
(*Unfortunately, both corsets styles are no longer available to buy.  But luckily the new "Luna" corset looks very similar in style to the "Baby", and the "Morticia" corset looks similar to the "Vamp".)

Until the next time! As we all know I'll most likely make another purchase very soon..

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