Sunday, April 15, 2018

One day I found myself looking at images of Prague online and the next I found myself booking flights and jetting off! When on holiday I always try my best to take as many images as I can, to share every interesting moment I experience with those who are willing to look.
(This post is going to be very photo heavy, just as a prewarning)

DAY 1:

On the first day, we travelled to the city of Kutná Hora to visit the infamous Sedlec Ossuary or what's more commonly known as the "Church of Bones".
It's estimated that the Ossuary contains the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people! And after visiting, I could actually believe that, because there are literally thousands of bones everywhere you look.
I adore these paintings and the bone like features on the frame. 
But due to the lights, they were incredibly difficult to photograph.
Piles of bones, just visible in the shadows.
“1870 F. Rint from Česká Skalice” After a quick google search I learnt this is like an artists signature upon a painting. Frantisek Rink was the woodcarver who was appointed to place the bones in order, and if I read correctly, the sole man behind the magnificent bone creations.
We couldn't leave until getting a selfie!
Outside of the Ossuary.
Interesting details found outside of the Ossuary, in the graveyard.
More information about Sedlec Ossuary can be found here.

An attractive street in Kutná Hora
In the same city, right across the street. We came across this beautiful gothic Cathedral. Named: "Cathedral of Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist" (quite the mouthful)
Sadly it was closed so we never got to peer inside the doors.

DAY 2:

On the second day, we decided to head over Charles Bridge (as pictured below) 
and head to the Old Town Square.
There were so many intricate statues along this bridge and I'm kicking myself I didn't stop and photograph every single one. The bridge was normally packed full of people, so if I'm totally honest, I never bothered. If you're a fan of statues and the history of them, I implore you to look them up. (Especially the statue of Saints John of Matha, Felix of Valois, and Ivan)
Church of St. Salvator and St. Francis of Assisi Church.
This mural on the wall fascinated me so much! Just look at the gold details, 
my favourite being the arrows on the bottom left.
This was supposed to be the Astronomical Clock. But unfortunately, they are currently undergoing work and had it was nearly completely covered up. Meaning the only photos I could get was a super close up!
Church of Our Lady before Týn. Which I thought was interesting being built behind other buildings. We even looked at the history and it appears to have always been like this.
Old Town Square's Easter market, and Church of Our Lady before Týn.
The very grand St. Nicholas' Church. No seriously, wait until you see inside!
Didn't I tell you! Grand!
Poppy, and I's attempt at a church selfie.
Charles Bridge and the view from it, at night.

DAY 3:
On day three we had a more relaxed, slow-paced kind of day and decided to visit Petřín Lookout Tower. The 378m cast-iron tower offers a 360° view of Prague's skyline.

St Lawrence Church.
Mirror maze (Which after being up over 300m, and feeling the tower swaying. I was not heading into!) 

Next stop was Prague Castle. Kohl's Fountain (picture below) is found in the castle grounds.
 St. Vitus Cathedral or "Prague Castle". Gothic architecture dreams come true!
I'm sorry, I love castle gargoyles!
 Another selfie, this time a completely blurry one. But I mean the castle is the prettiest one out of us all anyway!
The queen in front of her humble adobe!
More details about the cathedral can be found here.

 More Easter markets.
St. George's Convent.

Empress Maria Theresa entrance.
 View from the castle walls.
 There was always a few classic cars driving around giving tours, but they sped by so fast I never got a chance to take any photos. Other than this train.
 Too glam to give a damn! Even in rain!
 John Lennon Wall
 More details about the wall can be found here!

 Wenceslas Square and the Statue of Saint Wenceslas.
I wouldn't blame you if you now have the song Good King Wenceslas stuck in your head now. I know I did!

Phew! That's all my holiday snaps. If you've made it this far - well done! It was a tiring, yet inspiring trip. Definitely a place I'd recommend to visit if you ever get the chance. It had such a carefree and relaxed spirit to the city. Along with so many beautiful sights. I was sad to leave, especially as the weather was much prettier than back home in Scotland! 

Thank you for reading. Hope you've enjoyed.

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  1. Wow! Amazing photos, I will make it to Prague one day! Glad you had an amazing time. Thank you for the post to tide me over ; )

    1. Thank you so much! Thank you for also taking the time to leave a comment, I really appreciate it!