Sunday, September 17, 2017

As I have a few "unseen" images, that I wanted to share. I thought it would be fun to make a short, behind the scenes post from my stay at Dunvarlich House. I seriously took so many images, that I simply couldn't cram it all into one post!

This image was a test to see how well my ring light would work behind the fancy screen divider, to show a clean silhouette. As you can see it didn't work so well, haha! 
First test shots to work out the best and most effective lighting.

Now. My good friend, Jemma, wanted to be involved in the images. But in a photo bombing kind of way! Which, at the time, was completely unknown to me. Because of this, this has to be one of my favourite images from the weekend. A real candid snap of Jemma's hilarious nature and a reason why we're probably such great friends all these years.

This was another light test. A lot of the times, you believe a photo will be great in theory. Then the reality proves different. We decided to add in the ring light on a low setting, to have good lighting, while also showing the atmosphere of the antique lamp.
Jemma again, but this time we're being pretty and having a pose off.
(How perfect are her brows, though!)
SHIMMY SHIMMY SHIMMY! Caught in action.

The trust I have with my friends. I was told to stay still, and not move. 
Which resulted in slight mayhem!
I'm wearing the emerald Vivian Dressing Gown by Emerald & Palm for anyone interested. 

I hope you enjoy this short little post of giggles. Especially as I always forget to show behind the scenes shots. If you want to follow Jemma and have the chance to make a hilarious and gorgeous friend: She's on Instagram! (Seriously, go follow her and feel free to drop her a message. I know she would love to get to know some of you!)

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