Sunday, July 05, 2015

Ever since I bought my first ever vintage green swimsuit, a few months back. I was determined to wear it and take some pictures down at the beach. But considering I live in Scotland, the opportunity of a lovely sunny day, is few to none. I was also unsure of where to go, as there are many costal areas around Scotland to choose from. I eventually decided on Saint Andrews, as I know it has beautiful, powdery sand. Plus my dad being a keen golf fan, means it's one of his favourite cities and one he knows very well.
So I packed my camera, my SPF50 suncream and off we went for the day!

I finally got to properly photograph this lovely top that I got from Rear Window Vintage, aaaall the way from New York! (Make sure to follow her for updates, as her Etsy shop will be opening sometime very soon!) It's part of a two piece, but instead of the matching pencil skirt. I've paired it with black vintage capris, and a pair of red heeled sandals.
The beach wasn't exactly the warmest, with a very cool breeze! So I decided to get undressed bit by bit and try my best to acclimatise.
Apart from the odd stare, and a breeze that kept blowing my hair in my face. It all went very well. (Even though the odd person did walk into shot!)
A pretty shell I found. I've spent many times at the seaside, and I used to collect shells as a little girl. It seems it's something I haven't grown out of.

We then decided to go in the town, take in the sights and have a look around a few shops. I sadly never got any pictures of the shops. Which is a shame because there were a few quirky shops that would've been great to photograph. There was two vintage shops in town, although I was in model/photographer mode, and not buyer mode. So I looked, but didn't come away which much. Only a long black skirt (which I'm hoping I can turn into a Victorian style skirt) for £5. But by this point in the day, the heat had resulted me gaining awful blisters and I wasn't really in the mood to ask and take photos. But hopefully next time!

Thank you so much for reading. Hopefully this post has been a little bit more interesting to look at, rather than hundreds of photos of just me. I was very lucky to get such a beautiful sunny day, even though it was a little chilly down at the beach. I hope it'll be one of many more sunny days, but knowing this is Scotland.. perhaps not.

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  1. You look absolutely stunning! 😻😻😻 The green swimsuit is a dream and you wear it so amazingly 💞✨

    1. Thank you ever so much, sweetheart! That's so lovely to hear from such a stylish babe as you 😘💕 xxx

  2. Wow!! You look GORGEOUS!!! Modern B E T T I E P A G E!!! <3