Saturday, June 27, 2015

As much as we try, it can sometimes be tough to keep or grow naturally long nails. I manage grow them out and they look great for a few weeks. Then suddenly out of the blue.. there gone! Either a chip starts or they just snap right off. I wanted to have my nails looking pretty and more importantly even, for a photo shoot I had recently. (Eeeek! More about that soon, including photos!) So I had decided false nails would be the right way to go, as four of my nails were still in tack and looking lovely and long. After a little research I discovered "Totally Bare" nails by Elegant Touch for £4.65! As I tend to keep my nails very rounded, I was delighted to see they were already shaped to an oval. Many false nails out there, are either square, or a rounded square and so it can be a bit of a pain, and a lot of filing to get the shape I desire. 

Even though on the packet it says they are "short" I found them a brilliant length, and they fitted in perfectly with the few natural nails I had left.

This is what the packet contains, as well as my trusty Sally Hansen red nail polish. (See this post for more details on the nail polish.) 48 nails in total, along with nail glue and a mini nail file. 

 Even though it's a bit hard to make out, I though it might be a good idea to show you all the different size of nails that come with the pack. Minus the seven I have on. As far as I can remember, as I have such small nails. I found number 3 a good fit for my thumbs, 7 for my middle fingers and 8 for my ring and pointing fingers. But any of the nails would be easy to trim or file into shape if needed.
The finished product! My pinky finger is the only natural nail on this hand and you would never even notice. These bad boys have stayed in place for a whole week now, and don't seem to be ready to budge for a while. I can't tell you how impressed I have been, especially as I haven't been gentle with them. Even the nail polish has stayed chip free and shiny. I've only needed to repaint one or two of my natural nails once. Much to my surprise, I most certainly recommend them. Not only for the shape and the durability, but for the staying power too. 

They also come in "Square" and "Stiletto" styles:
Thank you very much for reading. Now there's no excuse for boring nails!

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