Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's great when you have a sudden burst of inspiration and luck. On Friday night, I only had the intention of trying finger (or marcel) waves, to see if I could. I didn't feel in the mood to put much effort into, at first. I was tired and just looking for something to kill some time. But slowly once I did one side, and realised it didn't look too bad. The other side shortly followed. I also decided to accompany my setting hair, with 1920's inspired makeup, which too sprung out of curiosity. Then suddenly I'm all dolled up and realise I'm in a photographing mood! It's not often that an opportunity like this happens. So whilst still feeling inspired, I grabbed my camera and made the most of it.

I didn't managed to capture any images or video of how I created the waves. But if you've seen my Hedy Lamarr inspired hairstyle tutorial, I used the same technique for the "S" waves. Just more defined, with wet hair and lots (and lots!) of setting lotion. I also finished off the waves on both sides, with a little pincurl at the bottom, as a little extra touch. As I have so much hair, I just had to pin the rest behind my head. But if I was to do it again as a wearable style. I would do very tight curls at the back, to give the impression of short, bobbed hair.
I've tried my best to get a detailed photo of the waves, to show what way I styled them. But it can be difficult with black hair. So I'm sorry if it's difficult to make out. In terms of what I do. I take a comb and first pull it back through my hair. Then whilst holding that in place, I comb the rest of my hair back down again to get the first wave. That's when you put in your first clip, at the indent of the curve. Then you carry on forming each wave. Hopefully the placement of the clips are clear too. As it can be a bit complicated to explain, without seeing it done. It's one for up and one for down, to push all the hair in the right direction and to achieve the desired waved effect. After all the clips were in, I waited until my hair was more dry and went over it again with hairspray. My hair was on the greasy side and even though it made not feel or look the best. I find it's the best way to achieve vintage styles. Freshly washed hair tends to be too clean and fluffy to hold or mould into shape. I wetted my hair with a spray bottle filled with water (If you hair tends to hold water like mine, and takes long to dry. I recommend this, rather than straight out of the shower.) As my hair is quite thick, I was overly cautious with the drying time. A hairdryer or hooded drier, would speed up this process if needed. I think I left the clips in for around two or three hours. But during that time I applied my makeup, got my camera set up and had a bite to eat. So it flew by. I would recommend a lot longer for an all over wet set, I usually aim for at least eight hours when styled with foam rollers.
A close up on my makeup. The flash has made everything appear lighter that it actually was in person. Although I did kept it fairly muted, as even though the 1920's are about dark eyes and lips. I wanted to stay true to the decade, yet let the hair do all the talking.

The finished result! Unfortunately one side turned out better than the other. But I think that was due to my uncertainty. I'm fairly confident that next time, I could even them out and achieve defined waves like this on both sides. 
Now time for the more creative self portraits. I used both my camera flash and also a spotlight lamp, so the light changes a lot from each photo. I had so much fun doing this. I felt like a 1920's flapper/bad girl!
I can't honestly tell you how thrilled and proud I am, of how amazing these next four images turned out. I have a vase full of different feathers, and I thought a Peacock feather would suit perfectly, and decided to include it. Now I'm so happy I did! I hope you like them as much as I do.

I also used some of the effects on my camera, to try something new. They actually turned out quite cool. The first effect being "Toy Camera" which gives a green/blue tint, similar to cross process. The second is a grainy black and white, which I felt called for more serious, sad expressions.

Thank you so much for reading. I feel like I haven't taken proper self portraits like this in quite a while, and it's really motivated me to start doing it again. I'm also wanting to try to properly style this hairstyle with tight, pinned up curls. So if I do, I'll try my best to film a tutorial. Practice makes perfect, so always try and try again with any hairstyles you want to wear. Even if it's just to take hundreds of photos of yourself, like I do!

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