Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Since the moment I seen this nail style on the ever glamorous Dita Von Teese, I've been in love and have been trying to recreate this look on my own nails. Sometimes this style can be painted with a white coat underneath to reveal a white half moon, rather than clear. As I have slim fingers and nails, I've found it difficult to find stickers that work. I tried french tip stickers, and they were absolutely useless! I would definitely not recommend them!! I then researched it, and I had discovered that others trying this style, found success with hole reinforcers/reinforcement stickers. After deciding to purchase some to try myself, and whilst searching for these on eBay. I also came across nail art stickers. They had a defined circular shape, and I thought they would have potential to be effective too. So I ended up buying them both to try. After they both arrived, I realised I had the perfect opportunity to compare both stickers and see which is most effective.
Here is both the sticker packs side by side, to compare the size and shape.

The nail varnishes I used are, "Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Top and Bottom Coat" 
as a base coat, and "Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure" in shade "Red Zin" for the colour. 
As you'll see, it's a gorgeous deep blood red.
 First I applied a shiny base coat, and let that dry.
Then I applied the stickers to each nail. Making sure they were stuck down well.
I then applied the beautiful red varnish. 
(I'm very messy at painting my own nails, do forgive me!)
Then I cleaned up around each nail, and VOILÀ! Nearly perfect Half Moons!
Now for the other stickers. Again I applied them, and made sure they were stuck down well too.
Once again I (very messily) painted on the red.

..and VOILÀ again! More nearly perfect Half Moons!
Even though the difference may seem very little. In person I could clearly see the difference. Both worked very well, and left me with clean, and clear half moons. They may look a little messy up close too, but I can assure you they look a lot better from a natural distance. 
Left hand in picture is nail art stickers. Right hand in picture is reinforcer stickers. 

Although you can buy 500 reinforcer stickers, for £1.85 and only 112 nail art stickers for £1.30. I do feel the winner - to me - is the nail art stickers, as they gave a more rounded shade that fit my nail better! It has been interesting to be able to compare both stickers at the same time, and to finally be able to have easily achieved that Half Moon Manicure that I have very much desired!

I do feel I should mention. The nail style was popularized in the 1920s/30s and was often featuring a white tip too. As seen perfectly showcased below, by Carole Lombard and Jean Harlow. 
This is a style I also admire and adore. But perhaps we'll leave this for another post!

Thank you so much for reading! If you decide to give the Half Moon Manicure a go for the first time, or decide to try out the nail art stickers for yourself. Be sure to post a picture on instagram and mention me, as I'd really love to see!

Links for both stickers:

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