Friday, April 24, 2015

I've been meaning to make this post for a little while, but the exhaustion from travelling and lack of sleep, got the better of me. This is post to show you my holiday buys, as there was quite a few. Lucky me!

Car Boot Sale Buys

Car boot sales are always a must for my mother and I, when down visiting my Grandmother in North Wales. There are often a lot of house clearances, that feature unwanted vintage items and clothing. A lot of the time they are going for pennies, quite literally! I bought the skirt to take in, as I thought the colour and pattern could make a beautiful pencil skirt. The yellow jumper was a random purchase, I liked the bright colour (for once!) the fact it looked hand knit, and it seemed lovely and small. So I held onto it, on a whim. I have fallen a little for it now, and I'll be making a post about that very jumper in the not too distant future. The sheer scarves are a staple item to those who want to hide unsightly hair/rollers, or to tie neatly in a bow around your neck. I really love the green one, and hopefully I'll be able to wear it soon. The red brooch was in a box of several other brooches, and the red was so vivid I was drawn to it. The 'Margaret Rose' compact was also in the same box. Complete with original box, puff, sifter and little handbag pouch to keep it from scratches.
I bought all of the above at different stalls for £9! That's why car boot sales are the best!!

Liverpool Buys
Primark and Superdrug:
I, of course, had to pop into Primark. It would be rude not too! I ended up buying some sunglasses for £2 and black seamed stockings for £3.50. I recommend these stockings. They are a great budget option. I wear them when I don't want to risk laddering my fully fashioned stockings, but still want that back seam. I also popped into Superdrug, while their 3 for 2 make up deal was on. I came out with three lipsticks, and a free #MAKEUP bag. I am going to make a full detailed post about the lipsticks very soon. I'm going to be trying brighter 1940s shades, instead of my usual darker, blood red. Which I'm very excited about.

'Mooshy La La' Vintage Shop:
Whilst in Liverpool I also paid a visit to the Vintage Shop "Mooshy La La". It was a gorgeous shop, full with Art Deco Glamour. After searching around, I decided on a lovely little red hat, and a pearl spider brooch. My mother assisted me with a few pictures of me wearing the hat, when we were at the seaside. So I'll be sure to post them soon, so you can see how beautiful the hat is on.
Both for a steal of £20! For my first ever visit to Liverpool, I didn't do half bad did I? Hopefully it'll be a place I visit again in the future. 

Many more follow up posts to come, too. Including the cute yellow knitted jumper, the three red lipsticks, and those seaside snaps.

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