Thursday, March 28, 2013

I was at a friends house at the weekend and there was a couple of girls there, that usually choose not to meet up with us. Because I've only gained the guts to finally wear what I want, within the last couple of months. They hadn't seen the new me yet. I normally get a warm, and over excitable welcome from them, as we hardly ever see each other. I got big hugs and compliments of how 'elegant' and 'classy' I looked. Then one of the girls said "You look like Marilyn Monroe!" Seriously? Marilyn Monroe. I was trying hard to be as polite as I could and just say thank you. So I just simply said, "but I'm not blonde!" and left it at that. For some reason, whenever I'm all dressed up in my pencil skirt/wiggle dress and have my usual winged eyeliner and red lipstick on - I get Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Teese references! Now, both of those woman are extremely beautiful, and to be compared to them is lovely.. but I'm neither of them. I'm just myself. So why must this timeless look always be associated with them? Can't I just be me?

Speaking of Marilyn Monroe. I honestly believe that if she was still alive today, she wouldn't be the icon she is. I've always said that, and will always believe it. She was a gorgeous woman and I love seeing vintage black and white photographs of her. She must've been such a wonderful person to photograph. I even have one of her hanging on my bedroom wall. 

Just one of the pictures I have of Marilyn, along with a little Dita below.
But I simply don't like people who wrongly use Marilyn Monroe as a role model or icon. It's shocking to know, that most people who own something with her face on it, don't even know who she really is! They just know her name and image. I've found she's mainly referred to, for her curves, for being blonde and for her sex appeal. Not for her films, or any of her life in general. 

I must admit, I'm not a die hard Marilyn fan. I haven't seen all her films and I don't know everything about her life. But I deliberately learned about her, as her image fascinated me. So even from a young age, I knew at least knew a basic story of her life. A part of me thinks if she was alive today, this sadly might still be the same. When Elizabeth Taylor died, I'm sure there were many people who weren't even aware of who she was. As shocking as that is to think about. 

The gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor, in an equally gorgeous dress!
I also believe this probably happens with Dita Von Teese too! They know her face, and her name, but they don't really know her and why she is famous. It annoys me when people idolize someone, they don't know anything about. The whole point of having an icon, is following their life. Learning about them and agreeing with their way of thinking, right? 

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