Saturday, March 30, 2013

When I was little, being 'ginger' was seen as such a negative thing. Even now, it's not seen as a brilliant hair colour. Most natural red heads, dye their hair and fake tan like crazy. But I have always been envious of women with red hair. I see them as elegant, pale goddesses. If I was naturally blonde or even a light brunette, I probably would've taken the plunge already. But sadly I'm not. Even if bleaching my hair wouldn't DESTROY it, I would defiantly go red. But it would. My only opinions now are to buy a very realistic and most likely expensive wig, or admit defeat and just admire those who are lucky enough to be a red head.

Here are a couple of those lucky woman..

Rita Hayworth 
(who I've recently learnt isn't actually a natural red head and was actually dark)

Catherine D'Lish 

Nicola Roberts

Lily Cole

Luisa Bianchin

Jessica Chastain

Christina Hendricks

These are only a few of the gorgeous red headed woman that I adore. Not all of them are naturally red, but they all pull it off very well. There are probably a lot more, that I can't recall right now. If you are a red head, I'm very envious of your hair and most likely your pale skin! Even though as I mentioned, it seems to be a negative stereotype to be ginger and pale - you should count yourself very lucky. The fact your pale skin burns and doesn't tan well, is a good thing. Stay away from the sun and your skin will be glowing, when those who do abuse the sun will be old and wrinkly. Never let anyone tell you your red hair is something negative, own it!

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