Saturday, January 21, 2017

As many of you know. I've spent the last month in the U.S! Four days in Vegas for my brothers wedding, and the rest of the time spent in California. I've had a very strong longing to go visit my family in California, for the past five years now. So making the most of it was key. My first two weeks in California was as crammed packed as it possibly could've been!

Part 1: Disneyland

On our first day we luckily had my cousin and her fiancé show us around Disneyland, as they are frequent visitors and know all the best places to go. They even waited in lines ahead of us, so we could fast-track rides (hardly any of which I was wanting to go on, as I'm not much of a thrill seeker!) So we switched between both parks the whole day. 

Our second day was a little more chilled, and we just casually strolled around. Mainly going on rides suited to my 18month old niece. The weather throughout the days was so varied. Hence why in some images the sky looks cloudy, or white. Although I can tell you it was plenty warm enough for me!

(Pictured here with my cousin; Maureen. Just inside the main park.)

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love the Gibson Girls. So seeing this got me a little excited. Something none of my family had absolutely about, as not one of them had ever heard of them before!

The dreaded 'It's a Small World" ride. That damn catchy song.

The day we met Minnie Mouse. Was a perfectly weird sort of experience. We miss her first meeting, but learnt when she was going to be coming back from a break. So queued about 10minutes beforehand. How very British - queueing! Which worked out us being the first ones in line! I didn't really have any real notion of meeting her. We were purely set on Lola-Rose meeting her. As I had bought her a special red polka-dot Minnie dress to meet her. She has a Minnie teddy at home and soon learnt her name, before we had even left Scotland. So we thought it would be nice for her first time at Disneyland, to meet her. Especially when she had dressed so accordingly! 
But quickly overwhelmed by Lola being so excited, Minnie being so sweet as to notice their likeness in dresses, and them letting us have such a long and unhurried time with her. I soon got involved. Minnie even showing me how to pose like her, and as we were leaving, she gave me a hug and blew me kisses. 
Lola very enthralled on the Finding Nemo ride. Even though moments later she cried at the scary sight of the angler fish. No wonder really. As I, myself, was a bit spooked being entrapped in the dark. Eek!

This damn ferries wheel! I was stupidly persuaded to go to the rocking carriage, as it has a shorter line. And let me tell you, it was horrific! I already get motion sickness in a car, never mine a rapidly moving swinging carriage. At one point the one thing slides right down the length of the wheel and you are parallel, looking directly down at the water. Ugh, never ever again!!

There was a big commotion, and people being moved out of the way. When I turned around after getting a photo of the Mickey ferris wheel. I seen the Disney staff were escorting these three geese down to the water. I think it might not be out of the question to assume, they may have been a little bit rude to guests, considering they had a little one to protect.

Cars Land was actually probably one of my favourite parts. Although again I got persuaded onto the Radiator Springs Racers ride with: "If that little guy can, surely you can!" whilst my brother pointed at what looked like a 6/7 year old. Again being motion sick does not help, but it wasn't so bad.

The bathroom near the Alice In Wonderland ride, was decorated in a Queen Of Hearts style. Which I found very cool. But I think the cleaner (cropped out) wasn't so impressed about me snapping a quick photo, haha!

We stayed late on the second night to get a glimpse of the infamous fireworks. Below you'll find a short snippet of a video I took. Just as a taster, and sadly I had to make the quality low in order for it to upload. I nearly managed to video the whole thing, but sadly my camera died moments before it finished. 

The third and last day was mainly spent hopping in and out of parks again. Getting on last minute rides we'd missed on the previous days, and to do a bit of shopping, before we headed home.

  It became a bit of a game to remember and find each vintage car in the "California Adventure" park.

The hotel we stayed at was the "Residence Inn", that was very thankfully only a short shuttle bus away from the park. Which I would highly recommend for anyone interested in going. I would also recommend staying over and getting a few days at Disneyland. Because, unless you live close, you'll never managed to get the best of both parks in one day.

I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned on more posts about my time in California, including my visit to Hollywood and a look at my purchases whilst I was there.

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