Friday, March 06, 2015

I recently purchased from the gorgeous vintage style lingerie website House Of Satin. As the name suggests, a lot of their lingerie are made from a glamorous satin, that feels lovely against the skin. They are a small UK based company, that produces all their orders with fabric and lace made in the UK. I had gotten in contact with Lisa, who was such a sweetheart to talk to. I had requested a size 30D, as I had seen all their bras are made to order. Much to my surprise and delight, they were more than willing to make this size for me. Like normal, I decided to purchase all black. But there are a selection of beautiful colours to choose from, including: white, pink, baby blue, purple and red. When they arrived - only two days after I had ordered them!! - I was thrilled with what I received. The feel and quality of the fabric and construction, were of a very high standard. I was even more thrilled when I tried on the bras and they fitted perfectly. Absolutely perfect! With no padding or wires, I didn't think I could of ever gotten a bra to fit so well. The matching brief and girdle, have that wonderful vintage look to them. Sadly, even though they fit and feel lovely on. The waist in both are a little bit too big on me. By about an inch. But I put this down to me wanting all my lingerie and clothes to be very close fitting. It's certainly not big enough, that I would be worried of them falling off or slipping. I'm sure this could be noted and that they wouldn't mind taking them in just a little in further.

Now for the photographs! I decided to keep the photographs as simple as I could, as I wanted to focus on just the lingerie. All images are un-retouched and shot in natural light.

Black Satin Bra - £9.95
Black Satin high waisted Briefs - £9.75
Black Satin Girdle - £15.50

I also bought a lace long line bra. 
Even though it's not made with the same satin material, I feel it still all goes together lovely. 

Long Line Bra - £11.95

Details up close:
 Wide and supportive bra hooks. A personalized 'Vintage Vixen' label. A closeup on the gorgeous lace, used on the long line bra.  Metal suspender clips (Which is a must, many use plastic and they just aren't the same. You need strong clips to hold up your fabulous stockings!) and finally two close ups of the satin and sheer material used on both the brief and girdle.

Now for some pictures of what the lingerie looks like on:

 Another get use I've found for the long line bra, is to pair it with my 'Baby' corset from What Katie Did.
It's the perfect length to keep those bumps and lumps at bay.

I will definitely be buying from them again. I think you'll agree they look fantastic, and a great vintage lingerie reproduction. I can't wait to do another, more creative shoot in these pieces!

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