Thursday, November 21, 2013

(My lack of posts over the past month is shocking. I promise to post more, as I certainly don't lack in things to say.) 
Ever since I watched that wonderful elderly couple dance with such grace, at the 1940's tea party, I went to a while back. I have been in such envy of people who can dance. Or even those who have the confidence to just get up and shake their tail feathers. I am such a big fan and admirer of 'swing dancing'. (Also because of the swing music, especially if it happens to be a live jazz band) My idea of swing dancing is that of rebellion, particularly if you think of the 1950's when the Rock and Roll genre was introduced. Highly energetic, and passion. Got enough energy to swing your partner (or kind stranger) around on their tip toes, through your legs or around your waist?
No? Then sit down, you square!
Even though all you need to do is have a good sense of rhyme and then just move your feet. I feel so embarrassed. I've listened to many great songs, that have had my feet tapping and my hips swaying. But dare I move my feet? Not a chance! 

I found this brilliant photo set on tumblr, with only a caption reading: '1950's Swing Dancing.' There's no credit to the people in them, or the person who has captured those moves. So I can't be certain if they are truly from the 50's or just of that style of dancing. But none the less, how great are they! My envy is surely growing. I swear I will learn how to dance one day. Maybe I just lack a good dance partner?

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