Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I must admit the first time I seen Amanda Lepore, I was a little terrified! She is a lot to take in at first. There is clearly a lot of plastic surgery present. Especially those boobs! But in time I've grown to adore her, and her perfect, fabulous sense of style. 
From what I tell, she is a lover of everything I am myself. 
Lingerie, exaggerated hourglass figure, classic beauty and very, very tight fitting clothing.
Amanda wasn't always known as a 'she'. She was once a 'he' named 'Armand', from Jersey. 
At the young age of 17, she married a wealthy man and was able to undergo a sex reassignment surgery. To become the woman she always knew she was meant to be from a young age. After that Amanda spent several years as a housewife, before realizing that was not the life for her and moved to New York. From then on, she established her career from being an 'nightlight figure' (Is that just a polite way of saying a 'party animal'?) and spent her days working in a nail salon and rather wonderfully a Dominatrix! She has modeled countless times, appeared in many magazines including Ponytail, Tush and Playboy, appeared in quite a few music video, and is even a singer herself. At a teeny tiny 5ft 2" tall and measurement of 38-22-38!! You might not be surprised to learn, that she claims in terms of her looks she was aiming for a cross between Jessica Rabbit and Marilyn Monroe. Born in December 1967 (making her 45!!) I think even though she might be a little tightly pulled and scary, she still looks pretty damn good!

Here are a couple of handy Amanda related links:

I think I'll end on a great quote from Amanda Lepore that I found:
"School was really hard. I didn't get beat up but the other kids would make fun of the way I looked and my gestures. That always make you strong though. Once you are an outsider, you tend to follow your own path. Creativity comes from that. In one way it made me really withdrawn, but being different does amazing things for you. I probably see things that other people don't see. I think it makes you more compassionate and I'm still drawn to outcasts."

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