Friday, November 27, 2015

When most people think back about iconic Old Hollywood stars. The names that come to mind are usually; Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jayne Mansfield, etc. But my first star, that would later lead me into the glamour life of the stars gone by, was none of the above. Even though I knew Marilyn's face. I had no clue as to who she was until years later.
My first love was Sophia Loren. 

I can't recall at exactly what age I first discovered her, but I know it was before I hit my teens. What I can remember, is that I first seen her in a film that was on the tv, and being told by my father who this stunning creature was. I had never seen such raw beauty and sex appeal before. Her longing stare, her figure, her sultry voice. I can also remember thinking: "She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!" To this day, seeing images of her still makes me stop and stare in awe. I am in awe of her. Like most Old Hollywood stars, I'm afraid I haven't watched many of her films. I'm an awful one for remembering titles of films, and finding the time to sit down properly to watch one or two. Nevertheless, I am aware of her strong and sexy presence. Even through images, it shines through.

Looking back, I believe she is probably where my love for Old Hollywood glamour and beauty started. Because she was my first hourglass bombshell. Long before I knew about all the beauties I know about now. I think all this time, I've unknowingly idolised her beauty. Perhaps I even do my eyebrows the way I do, because of her amazing strong brows throughout the 1950s!

Now, as I know and am aware of many great actresses and models. From both many decades ago, and of modern day as well. I can reflect on what made her stand out to me. Why she was and still is so endearing. The one thing I've noticed, after searching through many images of her, is her expressions. A lot of the time, we are expect to do a grand (often forced) smile for photographs. But most of the images I see of her, are of a straighter faced smoulder. Or a very slight smile. For some reason, I enjoy this more than I do seeing her grinning. Especially as I try to stay away from smiling myself.

Like most 1950s bombshells, she had the most amazing hourglass figure. 
That she said once said she apparently owes to eating spaghetti! 

Even though most of the images above are of Sophia throughout the 1950-60s. This is because it's a style and decade I love and am fascinated by. She's still just as gorgeous and glamorous now in 2015..

I do hate to mention a ladies age, but you have to admit, she looks incredible for eighty one years old!
The reason behind making this post was not only to have an excuse to post images of this gorgeous lady. But also to share something I'm only beginning to realise. That Sophia is most likely one of the biggest influencers of my vintage style. Seeing her as a little girl, has probably shaped my entire views on beauty. Maybe it's her powerful sultry gaze, that I try to replicate in photographs. Maybe it was being so incredibly envious of her figure, that got me obsessed with hourglasses in the first place. 
All I know is that I owe her a thank you. Even if it's to simply thank her for being her.

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