Saturday, February 23, 2013

I have been needing a new phone for quite a while now. I have a iPhone 3G and it's still somehow in one piece. But it's getting a little slow and boring, because Apple decided to miss me out in their updates. So I decided to get a new phone. Now I'm not made of money and getting a new phone full stop is a unneeded luxury. No new Blackberry Z10, HTC or Samsung Galaxy. Today I bought a white iPhone 4 which should be here around the bringing of the week, and I can't tell you how exciting I am. It's actually sad how much. Considering all it is, is a unnecessary gadget.

But look how pretty and shinnnnnnnnny. I just need to purchase a pretty new case now, so I don't end up breaking it as soon as I get it. Which sounds like something I would do.
PRE-WARNING: I might have to post pictures to show you how pretty and shiny it really is.

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