Monday, December 24, 2012

It's christmas tomorrow, and I can't wait! For the past few years I haven't been feeling the christmas joy. Since I grew up, since Santa stop visiting and since my sister got married and left home. It just didn't feel like christmas anymore. But some how this year feels different. Maybe it's my advent calender, reminding me everyday of how long is left. Or maybe it's those silly christmas songs, that have been stuck in my head for weeks. Who knows! 
I'm very pleased with the way I have decorated the tree and even all the gifts I bought. This year for a change, we are all going out for dinner on christmas eve (later on today) To give my mum a break, and instead of her cooking the dreaded christmas dinner. Sadly, it isn't meant to be a white christmas. But apart from that, I think this christmas is looking nearly perfect.

I hope you have a wonderful christmas, and that you are surrounded by brilliants gifts and loved ones. I'll share with you a lovely little christmas poem that put a smile on my face.

May christmas fill your home with joy,
your heart with love,
and your life with laughter.

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